[Jsonwidget] using jsonwidget-python to create a pywikipediabot UI

Zai Lynch I_really_needed_a_new_mailbox at gmx.de
Mon Mar 1 09:03:20 PST 2010

Hey Rob,

Thank you very much for the offer and the fast response!
I'll make sure to /query you on Freenode when this takes off (early April;
registered nickname is "zai").

Can you already tell something about the initial two questions? The BSD vs.
MIT license and recommended resources?

>>    - You write that you're releasing your jasonwidget-python under a
>>    "BSD-style license". The pywikipediabot is released under an MIT license. Do
>>    you know if that's a conflict in any way? E.g. when I'd like to offer the
>>    pywikipediabot people to add the UI to their sourceforge project?
>>    - I downloaded a copy of "Dive into Python" (
>>    http://diveintopython.org/ ) which was recommended on a Mashable blog
>>    post once. Are there other related sources that you'd recommend for reading
>>    in order to get an easy start? Remember that – like written before – my
>>    background is rather limited. I only know basics about theoretical computer
>>    science (this "formal grammar" stuff), some dusty and basic knowledge in
>>    Pascal (Kylix) from 7 years ago and well... LSL.
>> Thanks again!
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